Larry David Can’t Keep It Together In SNL’s ‘New Wife’ Sketch

Hosts breaking during Saturday Night Live sketches is nothing new (looking at you, Ryan Gosling), and they usually fall into two different charm levels: “this is fun” or “this is unprofessional, get it together.” Luckily for Larry David, he falls into the former, because who doesn’t want to see the curmudgeonly star of Curb Your Enthusiasm dissolve into a fit of giggles?

In Saturday’s sketch “New Wife,” David plays a cartoonishly rich dude/owner of a gay nightclub introducing a hilariously garish Cecily Strong to his friends before things start to get a little outlandish for his guests. Some people just aren’t comfortable with a parade of shirtless, greased up gentlemen providing the dinner party entertainment, I guess.

Even as David starts to break, his scene partners — including Kate McKinnon, notorious for causing breaks for Gosling — manage to hold it together. However, David completely loses it when required to deliver the line “We have time to hear one song, and then go, which is perfect, because, after that, the club is overrun with thirsty bottomfeeders.” It’s not a sophisticated double entendre, but it’s an effective one.

While some people took issue with David’s opening monologue, the overall consensus is that this episode was one of the stronger of the season so far. There’s a reason the man is a comedy legend.