Larry David Made A ‘Curb’ Reference And Balls Joke On J.B. Smoove’s Birthday Card

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Larry David may never decide to do another season of Curb Your Enthusiasm (the latest update was in September, when a Curb movie was discussed), but the show’s clearly on his mind. Co-star J.B. Smoove, who told us about the “real Larry David,” turned 50 last week, and a birthday party was held in his honor in Beverly Hills on Saturday. The Social Assassin himself was there and he left a special message on Smoove’s comically oversized card.

He wrote, “Dear JB – You may bring da ruckus but I bring da long balls! Love ya – Larry.” So, to recap: Larry quoted his own show twice; one’s a Wu-Tang Clan reference and the other is a balls joke. He also later explained why he doesn’t fit in a “black party.” Even if Larry David hadn’t created Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm, he’d still be one of my favorite people.

(Via USA Today)

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