Larry David Reveals He’s Not ‘Master Of His Domain’ During His Hilarious Anti-Monologue On ‘SNL’

Entertainment Writer

Larry David’s monologue ahead of SNL wasn’t some sort of protest or anti-version of your typical monologue. Instead, it was the anti-monologue because this is Larry David. He’s not going to go out and praise himself like a normal guest, he’s not going to sign and dance, and he’s certainly not going to place some sort of unrealistic goal on the show. We have a great show? Don’t even try it.

David spends close to 5 minutes riffing on the differences between schmucks and pricks, why he’s more of a guest than an actual host, and Jewish kids with eating disorders. If you aren’t picturing Frank and Estelle Costanza during the shouting session about the brisket, you need to spend some time watching old Seinfeld episodes.

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