How Much Of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Is Based On Larry David’s Real Life?

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Being friends with (or God forbid, married to) Larry David would just be the worst. At least that’s what Curb Your Enthusiasm would have you believe. As hilarious as his antics are, and as much as we wish we could talk to and stare down people like David in the show, his character is painted as neurotic, stubborn and someone who constantly thinks about tipping. But how similar to the show’s portrayal is the real Larry David? And how similar is the series to the creator’s real life?

Thankfully, for all of mankind, David went on record with Rolling Stone saying that he “couldn’t possibly behave like that”, and that the character is an “idolized version of how I want to be.” I think we all wish we could express that same rage toward smiley faces and stop-and-chats (stops-and-chats?). The real David also has kids, which Curb David does not. Looking at his interactions with Jeff’s daughter, I can only imagine how terrible he’d be toward his own children. However, other aspects of Curb kinda blend into reality. Cheryl Hines, who plays his TV wife, even had friends who thought the pair were actually married. The relationship is clearly based on David’s actual ex-wife, whom he divorced. He obviously created Seinfeld and the movie with the perfect length and some good width. I’m also guessing he gets into his fair share of screaming matches, too.

Which Larry David do you think is funnier?

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