Ranking Larry David’s Most Satisfying Revenge Moments

10.17.16 2 years ago 2 Comments


Through the course of Curb Your Enthusiasm’s eight seasons, one thing has become very clear — the fictionalized version of Larry David is a petty man. He’s not the kind of guy to let bygones be bygones or turn the other cheek. Nope, if he think’s he’s been wronged in some way — no matter how insignificant — he’ll stop at nothing to seek his revenge. It’s part of what makes him endearing and a true hero — because we all wish we could minorly wreak havoc on the people that screw us over in this life… even if we’re all supposed to be better than that.

David’s revenge tactics and ways of righting the universe in his own favor rarely go smoothly, of course, but the guy gets credit for creativity. With that in mind, here are five times Larry went low on Curb Your Enthusiasm (which is available to stream on HBO Now).

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