Larry David Can’t Keep It Together In This Look Behind Rehearsals At ‘SNL’

It’s safe to say that Larry David hosting SNL was pretty, pretty good idea. You’ll also never have to hear that for a while, so rejoice. But we need to relive Saturday night one more time because David is hilarious and Kevin Roberts is still the “coolest b*tch in town.” That’s likely why this rehearsal footage was shared online. You can’t resist.

And the best part is that David clearly enjoyed himself too. He becomes Roberts and almost explodes in the process. When you see his face match his amazing orange suit, you know it’s peak joy for everybody involved. That or it’s hell and the only way to deal with it is laughter. It’s actually the look of pain on David’s face.

If you missed the original sketch, take a look below and read the scorecard take on it over here. It’s definitely one of the better sketches of the night and it’s a shame they didn’t put it on the lame old YouTube channel. But the rehearsal makes up for it just a bit. Get that b*tch a donut and get on board the Roberts train for a ride, likely to the worst part of town and soaked in Brut.

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