The ‘L.A.’s Finest’ Showrunner Lost His Leg In A Stunt Driving Accident On Set

L.A’s Finest showrunner Brandon Sonnier apparently lost a leg as a result of a stunt car crash on set last week. According to Deadline, Sonnier was rushed to a hospital in late February after a stunt crash on set. Sonnier was watching the stunt scene when a car spun out of control and came into contact with him.

According to sources, Sonnier, Margolis and other producers were in the video village area on the San Pedro set, where they were watching a car stunt scene on monitors. A stunt car reportedly crashed into a cargo crate, with the container and/or the car smashing into the video village, which had been set up behind the crate. There was immediate fear for Sonnier’s leg as sources on the set indicated it may have been pinned.

OSHA has apparently opened an investigation into the crash and what exactly happened, according to Deadline.

As doctors were fighting to save Sonnier’s leg, questions began to mount about the accident. The biggest is why the video village was set up in such close proximity to the stunt scene, which was filmed on location near Warehouse One at the Port of Los Angeles.

Deadline reported earlier in the week that Sonnier’s leg was amputated below the knee and that he remains hospitalized.

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