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I’ve had enough of the Heene family and “Balloon Boy” story, something that I cared so little about that I called it “Bubble Boy” the other day. But there’s still a glut of Heene news out there, so this can be the Bubble Boy Memorial Thread. RIP, giving a crap about this family of jackasses.

  • Falcon threw up twice during the awesomely awkward “Today Show” interview. Did the New York Daily News get video stills? You betcha.
  • Officials are looking to press felony charges against the Heenes, who could face up to six years in jail and a $500K fine. [Denver Post]
  • Surprising absolutely no one, TMZ reports that the Heenes were pitching a reality show.
  • Surprising absolutely no one, Gawker provides proof that the Heenes did the stunt to land a reality show.

Further evidence that people who aspire to be on reality shows need to get rounded up, placed in a steel container, and sent to the bottom of the ocean. Or fired into the sun. I prefer fired into the sun, but that’s expensive and we all need to live a little more frugally these days.

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