Will Forte Talks About That Surprise ‘Last Man On Earth’ Cameo

Oh, farts. Spoilers ahead (and above, in that clip), obviously!

Sunday night’s Last Man on Earth quickly resolved the cliffhanger from the season premiere, which saw Phil and Carol separated from one another while the communal neighborhood in Tuscon had been abandoned and Phil’s house burned down. Phil continued building the on the goodwill he finally earned in the season one finale, by only temporarily hiding the note left for Carol by the others — who had decided to set up camp on the beaches of sunny Malibu — and then, uh, getting her drunk and taking her there against her will. He’s still new at this whole being a good person thing, guys.

But the big reveal came when Carol surprised her friends, who had picked up another member of the group, Gordon — briefly played by Will Ferrell — a secret which had amazingly not been leaked prior to the episode. Will Forte even warned viewers against DVR’ing prior to Sunday’s episode:

Forte also spoke with Entertainment Weekly about the cameo, saying that they took a shot trying to get Ferrell for the part knowing that he is A) an awesome guy and B) open to doing weird sh*t, which ultimately paid off. But if there was any question as to whether or not Gordon is really a goner, this probably sums it up:

We have the same manager so I pitched it to her. He was in Sweden at the time. So she said she would try to get in touch with him. We pitched it out. We said, “We will have you in and out. We promise it will be the quickest thing.” And, of course, we didn’t live up to the promise, and it took much longer than we thought. He’s just the nicest person in the world, so he just kept having to fall in the sand over and over again. There was sand all over the place. And every time he fell in the sand, I felt such guilt, like, “Oh my God. Please forgive me.”

He does say that viewers will learn a little bit more about Gordon in the next episode, who was “certainly not a perfect person, and we’ll come to find that out.” However, “we promise it will be the quickest thing” does not bode well for a multi-episode arc. Oh well. It was nice knowing you, Gordon.

In the previews for the next Gordonless episode, it seems like there’s going to be a bit of role reversal, with Carol lying about Phil’s demise and scheming to keep it a secret. Is Carol the new Phil Miller this season? Please say it ain’t so.