‘The Last Man On Earth’ Premiere Featured A Very Deadly ‘Mad Men’ Reunion

WARNING: Spoilers for the first episode of season three of The Last Man on Earth.

If there is one thing that’s difficult to picture in the apocalypse, it would have to be Mad Men‘s Don and Betty Draper. It’s not that Don isn’t a guy who knows how to survive in tough situations, we all saw how he dealt with being shipped off to war, after all, it’s more that Don is just this guy who existed during a time in history and the furthest place any of us would expect a reunion of sorts would be during the apocalypse in the near future. Yet, that’s exactly what [sort of] happened on the season three premiere of The Last Man on Earth.

Stick with us here.

January Jones plays Melissa on The Last Man on Earth. When three men in hazmat suits and guns approach her compound, things get pretty tense. During said tense showdown, Melissa appears with a shotgun in hand, threatening to shoot someone, then almost immediately follows through on that. Who did she shoot, exactly? Darrell. But who is Darrell? None other than Jon Hamm. Darrell is also dead now, so that wasn’t much of a reunion.

So no, this wasn’t exactly a Betty and Don reunion, even Will Forte told TVInsider that he hadn’t even thought of it, but it’s another time to see January Jones wielding a shotgun, which will I’m sure will spurn some theories linking the shows together.

(Via TVInsider)