Last Night’s ‘The Good Wife’ Referenced The Troll Toll Song From ‘It’s Always Sunny’

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04.21.14 6 Comments
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The typical CBS viewer can’t find FX on their channel guide, let alone actually watch one of their non-procedural shows, so credit The Good Wife (which is on a ridiculous run of greatness lately) for dropping multiple It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia references into last night’s episode.

Not only did Zach Woods wear this shirt:

sunny good wife


He also got into an argument about troll tolls with guys who LOOK like It’s Always Sunny fans:

Sunday night: your home for disturbing sex scenes, songs about boys holes, and whatever the hell Turn is. Anyway, The Good Wife quoting It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is great, but let me know when the characters on Downton Abbey start dropping Rafi bombs.

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