John Oliver Enlisted The Help Of Some ‘Days Of Our Lives’ Stars To Discuss The Syrian Refugee Crisis

After a two-week hiatus, John Oliver returned last night to discuss the massive influx of Syrian migrants to Europe. While the issue is dire and shows that millions of people are seeking refuge from the civil wars breaking out around their countries, some news outlets have been a bit inaccurate in their coverage.

In Sunday’s episode of Last Week Tonight, Oliver took a jab at Fox News for one particular report they aired on the crisis, which uses a video claiming a possible terrorist threat for Europe while using a video that is five years old. To further highlight the overt racism in the segment, Oliver introduced a clip from the Arnold Schwarzenegger classic True Lies into the mix to show just how well the imagery worked, while listening to the audio of the pundits.

Aside from shining a light on the multiple countries who are closing their doors to these refugees — and that one kick-happy camera woman — Oliver shifts attention to 16-year-old disabled Syrian refugee Noujain Mustaffa, who has an adorable love for the long-running soap opera Days of Our Lives. In response, our intrepid host enlisted the help of a few actors from the soap as a nod to the girl, who was all smiles throughout her dangerous and harrowing ordeal.

(Via Last Week Tonight)