John Oliver Is Pleading For Snack Brands To Make More ‘Stupid And Spectacular’ Video Games

Last Week Tonight is off until 2022, but over the weekend, the HBO show released a web-only video on a very important topic: snack-sponsored video games.

There was 7 Up’s shockingly good Cool Spot (here’s a fun podcast about the game), Cheetos’ Chester Cheetah: Too Cool to Fool, and the Doom-inspired Chex Quest, which increased sales of the cereal that tastes “like the box it came in” by 248 percent in six weeks. Or as host John Oliver put it, “For six weeks in 1996, Chex cereal f*cked.”

Oliver is sick of snack brands tweeting like humans who are Going Through It, including Sunny D’s infamous “I can’t do this anymore” tweet, to which Pop Tarts replied, “Hey sunny can I please offer you a hug we are gonna get through this together my friend.” No, it’s time for snack brands to “tweet less and make games more.” Oliver even threw out some suggestions: Orville Redenbacher: Space Marine, Chips Ahoy! “but you’re a grizzled cookie pirate, sailing a sea of milk trying to track down Captain Crunch and nail his severed head to your mast,” and a Chef Boyardee vs. SpaghettiO fighting game.

They may not reach the highs of Pepsiman, but it’s a start. You can watch the clip above.