John Oliver Sat Down With Edward Snowden In Moscow To Discuss Dick Pics And Government Surveillance

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver accomplished quite a feat in this weekend’s episode. Oliver traveled to Russia and interviewed Edward Snowden about the NSA, Section 215 of the USA PATRIOT Act, and, more importantly, the important topics of Hot Pockets and naked pictures. Before the interview, we’re treated to an excellent whale tears joke (seven minutes in) and get to see people on the street having no clue who Edward Snowden is, when they weren’t confusing him with Julian Assange, whom Oliver describes as “a sack of biscuit dough wearing a Stevie Nicks wig”.

There’s an unbelievably groanworthy moment at 12:45 — or should we say “unbelieberly”? — before Oliver throws to the interview recorded in Russia. Snowden was quite late to the interview (it starts at around 15:00), prompting Oliver to say, “I’ve got two thousand rubles that says he doesn’t make it, without understanding how much that is. All I’m saying is, a ten hour flight for an empty chair — I’m gonna lose my sh*t.”

But Snowden did make it, and he got schooled by Oliver on how to more effectively state his case using dick picture analogies. We hope whoever won Oliver’s two thousand rubles spent them on Hot Pockets.

“I miss Hot Pockets very much.” — Edward Snowden

(Via Last Week Tonight with John Oliver)