John Oliver Takes On The Danger Zone Of Home Depot With Archer And Ron Swanson

We enjoyed it when Last Week Tonight with John Oliver took on civil forfeiture with Jeff Goldblum going full Jeff Goldblum, asked “How is the Miss America Pageant still a thing?“, gave the Russian sex geckos a proper send-off, and blessed us with the glorious, all-dog SCOTUS. Now the newest episode brings us a sad, hilarious truth about marriage via a parody Home Depot commercial starring Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson), H. Jon Benjamin (Sterling Archer himself, as well as Bob from Bob’s Burgers), and Sarah Baker.

The parody also brings up a salient point. If robots are going to assist customers at Lowe’s, who’s going to detect the nuances of emotional warfare and effectively distract married couples from the faulty pressure cooker full of dog turds that is their sham of a relationship? Thankfully, Nick Offerman has some ideas and some helpful pointers. You’re right, Nick Offerman. Eucalyptus is for koalas and pacifists.

Via Last Week Tonight with John Oliver