Watch John Oliver Fish-Slap A Multitude Of Celebrities On ‘Last Week Tonight’

Sometimes people say the news has lost its touch, but every now and then, they f*cking nail it.” That’s how John Oliver described a CBS News segment about the “salmon cannon” during last night’s episode of Last Week Tonight, and it’s how we would describe the clip itself. Yes, there exists a cannon for shooting salmon across hydroelectric damns so they can continue swimming upstream to spawn like the ridiculous creatures they are.

Oliver and crew loved the salmon cannon so much they built their own version in studio and blasted salmon into other studios trying to film. An enormous number of celebrities were fish slapped by the salmon cannon. We won’t give away who all the special guests were, but we did keep a tally. This fishy cannon fodder barged into nineteen other TV tapings and one very big movie. Who knew salmon was an invasive species?

Via Last Week Tonight with John Oliver