A Poor ‘Late Late Show’ Writer Is Being Forced To Binge Every ‘Game Of Thrones’ Episode In One Sitting


A veteran of The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, The President Show and The Rundown with Robin Thede, writer Lawrence Dai is now on the staff at The Late Late Show with James Corden. And like most other talk shows and comedy programs, Dai and his coworkers are all gearing up for the final season premiere of Game of Thrones. The only problem is, the comedy writer has never watched the hugely popular HBO show before. So his colleagues are forcing to watch all of the previous seven seasons in one sitting.

A tweet posted to the show’s official account explains the situation. “This is #LateLateShow writer @lawrencedai,” it reads. “He’s never seen a single second of #GameOfThrones. So we’re making him watch the entire series. At work. In one sitting. Yes, he’ll be sleeping here.” In the video that accompanies the tweet, Dai optimistically says “we’ll see what happens,” while the individual recording him responds with a simultaneously sarcastic and serious “good luck.”

Without breaks, it would take at least two days, 15 hours and 30 minutes to watch all of Game of Thrones seasons one through seven. Obviously (or, at least, hopefully), Dai will be taking breaks for things like food, water, sleep and the bathroom. Even so, the Late Late Show writer is looking at several days’ worth of binge-watching and all because, at some point, he let slip in the writer’s room that he hadn’t watched the show before. At least he knows better now, especially since his fellow writers and staffers are having plenty of fun skewering him online.

Then again, it could be much worse. As Late Late Show producer James Longman (hopefully) jokes, all they’re giving Dai for support during this trying time are “snacks and a bucket.”

It also looks like Dai will be occasionally live-tweeting his binge-watching experience, as he did earlier today when he finished the second episode of season one. His make takeaways? “Joffrey kind of sucks, but I did get to see Aquaman’s butt, so that’s cool.”