Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Celebrity Whispers’ Is ‘Bad Lip Reading’ With British Flair And A Terrible Hairdo

I used to be a Jimmy Fallon hater in a previous life. Firmly in the clan that chastised him for laughing in every sketch on “SNL.” I vowed to never watch his version of “Late Night,” a show with a storied history featuring the likes of David Letterman and Conan O’Brien. To me it was now in the hands of “that guy from “SNL” and It didn’t sit well.

But truth be told, The Roots taking the role of the house band and several of the more prominent sketches that have gone viral have swayed me to a more neutral standing on Fallon’s late night foray. With his tech savvy approach and fun demeanor, he might be a perfect fit for bridging a gap to “The Tonight Show” if Jay Leno decides to truly step down this time around.

At least that’s how I felt before I saw this bit called ‘Celebrity Whispers.’

Sure, It’s just a bit and worth a chuckle or two. It sets out to be funny by throwing Fallon with a thick British accent at you between clips of celebrities “chatting” on the red carpet. But as I watched, I just felt I was seeing a poor man’s version of “Bad Lip Reading.”

Now I feel disgrace for having ever let my guard down and terror at where I could sink to next. Could I be swayed into liking “Chelsea Lately” and praising it enough to write about it? Perhaps I could fall in love with Carson Daly and follow his late night show all the way through to morning and his position in “The Today Show” orange room. I might even find myself bleeding on daytime television talk shows, caring about the guests on “The Steve Wilkos Show.”  I’m afraid and it might all be Jimmy Fallon’s fault. I’m hoping he can sway me back in the coming days and weeks and fix my broken pride.

Here is the sketch in question. Watch with a loved one or something you can hold close like a pillow.