Jimmy Fallon Examines Twitter’s Worst Gifts Ever, Outs Questlove As A Closet Vanilla Ice Fan

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12.12.13 4 Comments

In the newest installment of Late Night Hashtags, Jimmy Fallon presents some of the worst gifts that fans on Twitter have ever received. It’s an easy topic to handle and I’m sure we’ve all received some terrible stinkers under the tree or in the maternity ward at some point in life.

For me, the worst gift I ever received was a balloon for my birthday. It was a Teenage Mutant Turtles balloon and I gained quite an attachment to it for the few hours it was in my possession. I can still remember it sailing away above the trees while I cried like a newborn baby. I never bought another balloon in my entire life. Like Greek tragedy come to life.

Here are some of my favorites:

jimmy fallon

I just call this smart planning and a generous gift. I’d be lucky if my family would give me a proper urn for my ashes instead of lebowsking them.

jimmy fallon

And I’m fairly sure that was only to cover the cost of one piece of pumpkin bread from the dessert case.

jimmy fallon

jimmy fallon

Yup, that’s the creepiest doll I’ve ever seen. It’s like The Conjuring in here all of the sudden.

(Images via Late Night)

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