Bryan Cranston And Other Celebrities Are Waiting For Your Call On ‘The Late Show’

The golden age of novelty chat lines may be over, but there’s no reason to feel lonely. Stephen Colbert has got your back and your favorite celebrities. Take that, restraining order!

Famous folk are waiting to talk to you courtesy of the Late Show‘s “Celebrity Chat Line.” A mere eleven digits separates your ear from the flirty charms of Bryan Cranston playing with a solitary rose. Does it get you hot and bothered to hear John Krasinski reveal naughty behind-the-scenes secrets about his wardrobe or to be teased with a Sister Act 3 courtesy of Whoopi Goldberg? It may be a bit kinky, but there’s nothing wrong with that.

We elected to ring up the number featured on the screen for funzos and were greeted by a recorded message from Tituss Burgess providing a pair of options of stories you could listen to. This is how all phone interactions should go, really. Call a number, receive a greeting from Tituss Burgess. If the FCC could step in and make this happen that would be great.

As you may have noticed courtesy of the corresponding YouTube rectangle located above, we have this Late Show clip at the ready to watch at your convenience. You’ll be delighted with how it wraps up. Or not. No pressure.