Lauren Cohan’s ‘Walking Dead’ Dad Would Approve Of Her ‘Lip Sync Battle’ Song Choice

03.30.16 3 years ago 7 Comments

Ah, Night Ranger.

The hard(ish) rock band were never as popular as Winger or REO Speedwagon, but they recorded one monster power ballad, “Sister Christian,” and that’s good enough to make them classic rock-radio mainstays. Did you know Night Ranger released an album in 2014? I did not. Neither did Lauren Cohan (or anyone who’s not a member of the Night Rangers, the group’s fan club), who went on Lip Sync Battle and performed, yup, “Sister Christian.”

The full clip will available during Thursday’s new episode, but you can watch a preview above. (The best part is obviously when Cohan slowly removes her sunglasses; it’s a timeless move.) The entire time, I kept asking myself: What would Hershel, Maggie’s Walking Dead father, say about the performance? I think he’d be a fan. For one thing, Cohan didn’t pick “Young Girl in Love,” which just sounds gross. Plus, “Sister Christian” isn’t about a nun the boys in Night Ranger had some fun with — it’s actually dedicated to drummer Kelly Keagy’s sister. “He had been struck at how fast his teenage sister, 10 years younger than him, was growing up,” according to the San Francisco Gate.

“Sister Christian” could be dedicated to Beth, although she’d want Maggie to pick something by Tom Waits. Next week on Lip Sync Battle: “Big in Japan.”

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