Lauren Graham Isn’t Sure If Another Return To Stars Hollow Is Good For ‘Gilmore Girls’ Fans

Fans of Gilmore Girls finally got the reunion they desperately hoped for last year when Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel and all of the zany and financially secure inhabitants of Stars Hollow returned for Netflix revival A Year in the Life. It was bittersweet and perfect. The family dealt with the real death o Edward Herrmann, who played the patriarch of the Gilmores, showed Rory’s life mirroring Lorelai’s while being completely different, and finally cashed in those “final four words” series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino had planned for over a decade.

You couldn’t blame fans for wanting more. Especially if (SPOILER) you want to see how Lorelai would accept the title of “grandma.” But, even with Netflix gaining 7 million subscribers for the return of the Gilmores, another Year in the Life is far from a done deal. In fact, it seems like it might not happen.

Speaking at Deadline’s Contender’s event, Graham considered returning to Stars Hollow and left fans with yet another cliffhanger.

“If it all existed in a vacuum, I would play that character until my dying day … Now it’s become what could we do with this story that is satisfying, that is worth continuing. I don’t know if there is a need to do more. I wouldn’t want it to feel like we overstayed our welcome.”

Bledel added her own thoughts on returning to the verbose Pixies fan Rory Gilmore:

“I think for me it comes down to what story we’re telling. I’m just interested in telling a story that is dynamic and that I sort of relate to and can hook into. And if that happens … I don’t know. It’s such an unknown, I don’t think we anticipated that this would happen.”

If by “this” Bledel means a possible return when the “final four words” were locked in place for years, then she doesn’t know the state of binge-watching. A Year in the Life dropped on Thanksgiving day, and most fans were tweeting for another set of episodes before they ran out of leftovers. Ms. Graham, it’s almost impossible to overstay your welcome if you’re as beloved as Lorelai.

Supposedly,early talks are beginning at Netflix to bring the ladies (and Luke!) back for another go-around, but if the artists feel like the story is done, the story is done — no matter how badly the fans want them to continue on.

We’ll just have to deal with not having any rapid fire delivery room baby quips (there would be a NirvanaNevermind reference I guarantee).

(Via Deadline)