‘Law and Order: SVU’ Is Delaying Their Trump Inspired Episode

Getty Image / NBC

President-elect Donald Trump will continue to be sent up, lampooned and satirized while in office, but there’s one planned take on the newly selected commander-in-chief that will see a bit of a delay.

Deadline reports that Law & Order: SVU‘s planned Trump-inspired episode will not be broadcast at its scheduled November 16 airdate. According to the outlet, the change was actually made a few days previous to the election. Considering that we’ve been fairly preoccupied of late, it’s not surprising the news slipped under the radar.

The episode, featuring the surprisingly prophetic title “Unstoppable,” features Veep‘s Gary Cole as a brash wealthy White House hopeful that is accused of rape. NBC’s decision to move the episode is being linked to a scheduling hiccup tied to last Wednesday being Game 7 of the World Series and the decision to air repeats instead of new episodes in that likely ratings trouncing. As a result, other NBC fare will swoop in where the episode would go and will apparently be shelved until 2017.

If it seems like this episode is being knocked around a bit schedule-wise, you’re not hallucinating. “Unstoppable” was initially set to air on October 12, followed by a delay to October 26, another delay to November 16 and now the episode sits in shelved purgatory. Who knows? Maybe it’ll be paired with the new season of Celebrity Apprentice?

(Via Deadline)