'Law & Order: SVU' Will Tell Us How To Feel About The Sandusky Scandal

11.16.12 5 years ago 9 Comments

Like one of Dick Wolf’s ripped from the hemline farts, Law & Order: SVU is going to blow the doors of the Sandusky scandal WIDE OPEN. They’re bringing out the Pepe Silvia board. Mariska Hargitay will sternly tell someone to “do the RIGHT. THING.” Even Ice-T’s going to showcase his finest expository examples (“So, wait, what you’re sayin’ is that this Penn State Nittany Lion was…lying to us?” (H/T John Mulaney)

It’s going to be great.

Without a doubt, the Sandusky Scandal has entered the nation’s pop culture. From Halloween costumes to South Park, the child predator has inspired numerous people to use him and Penn State university for material. Next week, over Thanksgiving break, you might be able to share the pop scene with your family. [Ed note: WUT?] At the end of [Wednesday]’s Law & Order: SVU episode, viewers connected the preview for next week’s airing with the scandal around Penn State. (Via)

I’ve always wondered if there are SVU fans who aren’t familiar with the major headlines the show is tackling. “Woah, woah, woah, you’re telling me,” says 64-year-old Bethinda Oldlady, “that there’s a football coach out there named Barry Sandhusky who had relations with a whole bunch of underage boys. I don’t believe it. Shame on you, SVU. Now momma’s gonna have to watch her stories elsewhere. Let’s see what’s happening on CSI. ‘A woman’s unlikely suicide is tied to a bank robbery and a hypnotist.’ Now that’s more like it.”


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