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Regarding Jeff Goldblum’s debut on last night’s episode of “Law & Order: Criminal Intent,” Warming Glow reader Bill writes:

It had the greatest, poorly written portrayal of annoying [Brooklyn] hipsters trying to “make it,” living in an artist loft space, and striving to be like the horrible, gayer, outer borough version of RENT.  The dialogue was amazing and that sh*tpile of an episode had me wondering what USA network is trying to do to this franchise.

And Bill’s not alone.  Videogum snagged video and adds:

[T]he entire show was HILARIOUS, not just because of Jeff’s quirky, nerd-weirdo character, but because the plot was about a bunch of Williamsburg hipsters living in a huge loft and killing each other off in an effort to take over each other’s spots in a shitty band. AND there’s a red herring about how the murders could be caused by minorities in the neighborhood who think the hipsters are displacing them. It’s ripped from the 2002 headlines!

Oh baby.  I’m gonna have to stay up and watch this tonight; the episode re-airs at 12:05 a.m.  I’m always down for some hipster murder.  Um, fictional hipster murder, that is.  Yeahhhhh… “fictional.”

(Watch highlights of the episode here.  It’s not quite real because none of the actors are skinny enough to play real hipsters.  And their haircuts aren’t stupid enough.  And their jeans aren’t tight enough.  And I’m not punching them in the face.)

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