Leaked ‘Walking Dead’ Set Photos Tease Long-Denied Comic-Book Development

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I am not a reader of The Walking Dead comics (I’m a television purist, damnit), so the development that is hinted at in a few leaked set photos posted to The Walking Dead Enthusiasts (via I09) spoiled me to a possible plot development in the upcoming season of The Walking Dead that is part of the comic book, and although that development is somewhat minor, if you don’t want to be spoiled to it, then I’d click away immediately.


As you can see from the photo above, Rick Grimes appears to be missing fingers. Apparently, in the comic book, Rick loses an entire hand to The Governor at some point. However, Walking Dead producer and the author behind the comic books has long been “adamant” that Rick would keep his hand (via I09).

One thing I’m adamant about is I don’t think that we should cut Rick’s hand off [on television]. When I’m writing a comic book, I don’t think about what I’m doing. I go, ‘Oh, it’d be pretty cool if they cut his hand off right now. That’d be pretty shocking, right?’. Then I do it, and five issues later, I write ‘Rick opens a can of beans’ and then I look at the script and think ‘He can’t do that now’. I didn’t even think that through.

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Maybe Kirkman is splitting hairs since it seems apparent that Rick didn’t lose the entire hand. It’s possible that the bandaged hand is merely mangled. After all, said plot development might seem old hat after last season’s Game of Thrones. Or, it’s possible that Robert Kirkman simply changed his mind, as he has been wont to do on the series. He is, after all, beginning the fourth season of The Walking Dead with his third different showrunner. Either way, the grin in the image above notwithstanding, it certainly appears that someone will do damage to Rick’s hand, be it The Governor or perhaps a zombie bite (which would necessitate amputation).

Another even bigger potential spoiler is suggested in these photos from Walking Dead Locations, though I’d suggest avoiding this one.

(Set Photos Credit TWD Addiction and The Walking Dead Enthusiasts via I09).

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