The 'Carol Theory' And What We Learned From This Week's Anxiety-Inducing 'The Walking Dead'

10.28.13 4 years ago 394 Comments

After what may have been the best back-to-back episodes in The Walking Dead’s, showrunner Scott Gimple slowed down the pace this week with “Isolation,” and replaced the dread of the season’s opening episodes with anxiety. It’s one of those episodes where the audience is mentally trying to speed things along, not because it’s moving at a pace that’s too slow, but because the suspense IS KILLING US. I had to fight the urge to fast-forward on several occasions because I couldn’t cope with the suspense. Who will live, who will die, what’s the source behind the illness (is there even a source) and WHERE DID THAT CITY-SIZED HORDE OF ZOMBIES COME FROM?

Let’s dig in.

You Need to Step the Hell Back! — The episode opened where it left off last week, with a mystery surrounding the death of Karen and David. I had wrongly assumed (as had others) that the two, who were infected and knew they were probably about to die, had dragged themselves out into the courtyard and set themselves on fire. I was wrong, and I suppose the trail of blood should’ve tipped us off to the fact that they were dragged out by someone else. Did they really need to be torched, though? More on that later …

Meanwhile, Tyreese wanted answers, and he wanted answers immediately. He and Rick came to blows after tempers flared, but their squabble proved to be short-lived (thankfully). If that scene felt a little out-of-place, knowing that Robert Kirkman penned the episode (and that scene was straight out of the comics) may put it into better perspective. Cooler heads prevailed at any rate, and Rick apologized. Tyrese took half the blame, after he finished digging graves for Karen and David, who had never done anything to anyone to deserve to be killed like that.



Did anyone else immediately assume it must have been The Governor, that hes living in an abandoned cell block, and only comes out at night to feed mice to the zombies? I have a lot of suspicions about the Governor, though this one obviously proved false.

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