George R. R. Martin Doesn’t Want To Settle Your Arguments About ‘Game Of Thrones’

george.jpg HOLLYWOOD, CA - MARCH 18:  Writer George R.R. Martin, center, actress Emilia Clarke, right, and actress Rose Leslie arrives to HBO's "Game Of Thrones" Los Angeles Premiere at TCL Chinese Theatre on March 18, 2013 in Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)
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Game Of Thrones author George R. R. Martin missed out on Season Five to finish writing The Winds Of Winter, which he’s still working on along with another Wild Cards book, three series pitches for HBO and Cinemax, producing low-budget films, and other things that don’t involving finishing the book already ughhhh will winter just come already jeez.

In an update to his blog, G.R.R.M. points out that “Life is impossibly busy right now” and his current mood is “stressed” with a picture of an alien, denoting stress, apparently. He also asked that people quit emailing him about the controversial twists in recent Game Of Thrones episodes, like the terrible thing that happened to Sansa yet was framed as though it was Theon’s story, or the other terrible thing that happened to one of the child actors. (We can all agree Hardhome was badass though, right?)

Besides pointing out that he’s not controlling what happens on the show, he also made his feelings clear about being dragged into any fan arguments about controversial scenes:

Meanwhile, other wars are breaking out on other fronts, centered around the last few episodes of GAME OF THRONES. It is not my intention to get involved in those, nor to allow them to take over my blog and website, so please stop emailing me about them, or posting off-topic comments here on my Not A Blog. Wage those battles on Westeros, or Tower of the Hand, or Boiled Leather, or Winter Is Coming, or Watchers on the Walls. Anyplace that isn’t here, actually.

It’s not the first time he’s distanced himself from changes made to his story for the TV adaptation, or griped about too many emails. He’s likened the differences in the story to the butterfly effect, saying, “And now we have reached the point where the beat of butterfly wings is stirring up storms, like the one presently engulfing my email.” On the other hand, he’s been a supporter of not shying away from depicting the horrors of war.

Perhaps some of the interruptions will decrease after the Game Of Thrones season finale airs this weekend. Then again, if it’s as “extreme” as one of the actors let slip that it is, he may be getting even more of those unwelcome emails after all.

Hopefully, HBO will gobsmack us all with a completely unexpected happy finale involving a friendly dragon named Gary and an unseasonably nice winter.

(Via Vulture and GRRM)