The ‘Legends of the Hidden Temple’ Movie Taps Into Nostalgia With A New Trailer

That damn silver monkey is back causing trouble in the Hidden Temple, but this time it seems to be for real. That’s one of the many Easter Eggs and references from Legends of The Hidden Temple, Nickelodeon’s ’90s game show series that is now about to get the movie treatment thanks to the network.

Nickelodeon premiered the trailer for the movie at Comic-Con, alongside a cast reunion for the members of All That, and it’s likely the oddest piece of nostalgia fuel you’ll see today. It is clearly aimed for kids that likely never watched the original show, but it features enough aspects from the game show to keep those older viewers interested. At least that’s got to be what they’re hoping.

Olmec is involved, with Dee Bradley Baker back providing the voice for giant talking head, and host Kirk Fogg also appears in a role that doesn’t seem too far off from his original. The rest of the temple seems familiar due to the references to the game show — green monkeys, steps of knowledge, temple guards — but also somehow is very real. Nothing like putting kids in danger and peril while bringing back old memories, right?

The film will premiere on Nickelodeon this fall, which you can assume will be followed by movies based on Nick Arcade and GUTS. You will believe an Aggro Crag can come to life and take over an entire small town.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)