Jonah Hex From ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Will Beat Up Josh Brolin For His Lunch Money

That the 2010 comic-book Western film Jonah Hex was a massive cow pie is well known. Hell, even star Josh Brolin admits as much. So, when the latest DC Comics-based CW program, Legends of Tomorrow, announced that its time traveling troupe of characters would venture out west and encounter the famed legend, there was some cause for concern. Would the Warner Bros. television arm repeat its sister film studio’s same mistake?

Thanks to some rather appealing photos of actor Johnathon Schaech flexing for the camera and the above trailer, which premiered at WonderCon over the weekend, those concerns are no more. Several pertinent reasons are responsible for this newfound confidence in the character, and yes — Schaech’s massive biceps are a part of that equation. But so are:

  • Legends of Tomorrow‘s time travel conceit being the perfect way in which to re-introduce the character.
  • Schaech’s gravely voice, which is a plus as Brolin simply talked like he had a prosthetic covering his mouth.
  • Revealing to the world Arthur Darvill’s (who plays Rip Hunter) fantastic ability to take a punch.

The trailer serves as a preview for the rest of the season, which begins airing new episodes on March 13. However, Hex won’t appear in the series until “The Magnificent Eight,” which airs on April 14 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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