‘Legion’ Will Return For A Mind-Bending Second Season

Legion has been a wild ride over the last few weeks. Noah Hawley has taken the basic idea of the comic and turned it into a mind-bending take on identity and self-perception. Nobody quite knows where David Haller (Dan Stevens) is going to end up at the end of the first season, but he’ll have a second season to explore it.

FX has confirmed that Legion will be returning for another season, and Noah Hawley will be back as the show’s creative mastermind. Interestingly, the press release leaves off who, if anybody, from the cast is returning and whether FX will take Patrick Stewart up on his offer of a cameo. Since this is the kind of show where cast members might either check out for good, or possibly swap bodies, that leaves a lot of questions for the rest of the season open.

Also unconfirmed is how many episodes the season will be across, but personally, I’m hoping they keep the seasons short. Part of the reason Legion has been so successful is that Hawley doesn’t have to stretch any plotline; each one has enough breathing room without being expanded too much, and that helps keep the show’s balance of questions and answers. No release date for season two has yet been set, but we should probably keep an eye out for it some time in 2018.

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