Lena Dunham Went Full-On ‘Basic Instinct’ With A Specific Nude Scene On This Season Of ‘Girls’

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04.07.16 9 Comments

If you’ve been keeping up with HBO’s Girls, you’ve probably noticed that the characters slowly continue to mature with each passing season. However, as is often the case, it’s in a “two steps forward, one step back” kind of way. Lena Dunham’s Hannah, in particular, is in a markedly better place than when the series started. After a string of failed endeavors and dropping out of a writer’s workshop program at the University of Iowa, she now finds herself in a relatively healthy relationship and teaching full time — even if she is possibly the last person in the world who should be enriching our young minds.

Of course, that can only last so long and, in this week’s episode aptly named “Hello Kitty,” she pulls a Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct and full-on flashes her principal, who she was already on strained terms with. Dunham discussed the scene in question with Seth Meyers Wednesday night, and you might be surprised to hear that it was not actually the exhibitionist series creator’s idea. She recalls the awkwardness of having people capturing your lady-parts on film, and how the crew had to add extra lighting to make sure the audience could see her vagina in all its glory.

But Dunham is quick to point out the distinction of what makes the scene “not porn” — not that anyone asked, mind you — as she tells Meyers, “cause you don’t see what’s inside.”

Sooo… softcore porn, then? I think I’m going to need a chart, here.

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