Is Lena Dunham Satan In Disguise?

10.26.12 72 Comments

It’s no secret that Lena Dunham is a polarizing figure, arguably the most polarizing figure since fish tacos. (Seriously people, tacos were meant to contain MEAT, not FISH!!!) But is she Satan? Possibly! Well, according to a Republican party official from Minnesota anyway.

Here’s the reasoning: last night the Obama campaign released the web ad embedded below featuring the Girls star and creator. It’s titled “My First Time” and the whole thing is a mildly cutesy double entendre intended to appeal to young women. But to ultra-conservatives, this sort of thing is THE WORK OF THE DEVIL 666 SATAN SERPENTS !!! That’s what led to Kelly Fenton, the deputy chairman of the Minnesota Republican party, tweeting last night that the ad is proof that Obama is working with Satan to win this election.

So is Lena Dunham Satan? Well, yes, obviously DUH!

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