This Guided Meditation Session With Leon From ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Is Just What You Need Right Now

As has been widely riffed upon, Larry David may be the social distancing icon that these times demand, proving himself something of a prophet with his penchant for repelling humans in search of interaction. But the lesson to learn from the world of Curb Your Enthusiasm isn’t one solely about keeping people far away in these isolation mandated times. It’s also, apparently, about helping you find your inner peace. Which is good, because while meditation can be a salve for those seeking calm, it ain’t easy keeping focus and blocking out anxious thoughts. Enter J.B. Smoove.

On Curb, the actor/comic/apparent guru plays Leon, a man who has managed to find himself situated in Larry’s guest house and his life, functioning as a cross between a friend and a sort of life/love coach. Which makes sense when you consider that he’s set himself up pretty nicely in as few strenuous steps as possible. In the video, Leon’s penchant for well-selected profanity is on display, as are Smoove’s sometimes dulcet and sometimes forceful tones, guiding us to let ourselves “fall the f*ck away.”

This is actually Smoove’s second meditation video for HBO with the first one dropping back in January. Don’t blame yourself if you’ve spent these last few months without knowing that it existed — we were perhaps a bit more dismissive of these kinds of calming resources back then. But here, in the new-new, we can rejoice and, in the words of Smoove, “trust the f*cking process.”