Leonardo DiCaprio’s Russian Doppelganger Gets A Highly Puzzling Television Deal

02.20.16 2 years ago
Leonardo DiCaprio Beard

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Imagine you are a guy in Russia. For actual guys in Russia reading this, it’s an easy logical jump. You are just living your normal life working in the armed forces in Russia when all of a sudden some movie about a big boat comes out and you are now the doppelgänger for a major celebrity in the blink of an eye. That’s what life for Roman Burtsev must’ve been like when Leonardo DiCaprio came on to the scene nearly 20 years ago. It’s hard to tell how famous Leo’s movies were in Russia way back when, but let’s assume Roman’s friends noticed the resemblance right away and he’s been using it to get dates ever since. Good for him. But now his fame-by-association is about to kick into overdrive.

Ever since Roman’s resemblance has been noticed by the rest of the world, few people have failed to see how uncannily he looks like Leo. Now, his looks have landed him a reality TV show in Russia called Romance with DiCaprio. Unfortunately it won’t involve the actual DiCaprio going on double dates with Roman through the Russian wilderness and getting into bear fights, but it does sound super entertaining. As Complex reports:

Romance With DiCaprio follows our valiant leading man as he endures a series of televised “psychological challenges,” including begging total strangers for money on the streets to refine his purported wealth-gathering skills.

It will also, of course, feature dates throughout the season in the hopes of finding Roman his true love. No word yet on whether Bar Rafaeli or Blake Lively will be making guest appearances on the show to complete the loop of Leo/Leo lookalikes/people Leo has dated, but let’s hope that episodes are available either online or on American TV networks as soon as possible. Anybody that can put together something as weirdly entertaining as this The Revenant parody should be enjoyed by as many people as possible.

Next up, convincing Leo to have his own reality show called Romance with DiCaprio as well. Once he finally gets that Oscar, reality television is the next frontier right?

(via Complex)

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