11.18.09 9 years ago 13 Comments

What with all the hullabaloo surrounding the return of Heather Locklear as Amanda Woodward on last night’s “Melrose Place,” the true highlight of the show — this charming lesbian makeout scene — got overlooked. Note to the CW: that’s great that you got a sexy old broad to wear a miniskirt, but you might want to advertise chicks making out, too. It may be a desperate ratings grab, but it’s one that usually piques my interest. I’m a simple man that way.

RELATED VIDEO: Below, in much much sexier lesbian action, is Carmen Electra’s leaked lesbian video. (Or should I say “leaked” with sarcastiquotes?) It’s three minutes of her wearing tight underwear, a bra, knee-high socks, and a choker and frolicking around in a hotel room with a sexy brunette with whom she makes out. They also manage to sexily waste some champagne. In all honesty, even though it’s not explicit or particularly shocking, it is absolutely sexy as hell. The only way it could turn me on any more is if I made an appearance with a side of bacon and a deep frier. What? Use your imagination.

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