Leslie Jones Addresses Her Twitter Controversy With A Perfectly Simple Example

Leslie Jones made an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Thursday and the host didn’t waste much time discussing Jones and her recent controversy on Twitter. Not only Jones begin to share some of the abuse she had been receiving in recent months, particularly around the release of the newest Ghostbusters film, but she also went into a little bit of detail about what process she took with the folks behind the social media platform.

She mentioned that she had similar situation with Facebook, but they handled it much quicker than Twitter. And to get the point across about Twitter, she used a fairly simple example of how she see’s it and what she felt needed to happen:

“It’s like, that’s my favorite restaurant, I love the food there. Three people just got shot in front of me. Y’all need to get some security!”

Jones said that she talked with Jack Dorsey in the midst of the controversy and they had many users removed from the site — a controversial decision given some of the blow back online, particularly from Wikileaks.

But Jones clears up her stance against those who decide to turn this into a free speech issue, saying that “hate speech” and “freedom of speech” are two different things. Meyers then showers her with some of the support videos fans made following the situation.

Oh and for the record, Jones apparently did not leave Twitter. She merely signed out. That’s either the truth or an excuse that many Twitter uses have made countless times over the years.

(Via Late Night)

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