Leslie Knope Would Have Been Campaigning ‘Like A Mofo’ For Hillary Clinton This Election

America is a cold, dark place right now, and not just because Donald Trump is one of two people who will be our next president. Television — and therefore, life itself — hasn’t been the same since the ultimate comfort show, Parks and Recreation, went off the air last year. We need Leslie Knope’s optimistic warmth now more than ever, but I guess we’ll settle for creator Michael Schur working on a new comedy, the Ted Danson- and Kristen Bell-starring The Good Place, and discussing what Leslie would be up to these days.

During the Television Critics Association press tour last week, Schur told the AV Club that Pawnee’s finest “would’ve cried for days and days and days and been so happy” over Hillary Clinton accepting the Democratic Party’s nomination. “She also would’ve pressed really hard to move the platform to the left, I imagine,” he added. “She would be out campaigning like a mofo. She would be 100 percent supportive — and I think that would’ve been true of a number of potential candidates for that position, but Hillary most of all.”

Leslie Knope and Hillary Clinton have a lot in common, actually: They have both been embroiled in e-mail hacking scandals, they both battled old politicians with ancient names (Fielding Milton and Bernie Sanders), and Leslie loves waffles as much as Hillary loves balloons.

I will vote for whichever candidate vows to bring Parks and Rec back.

(Via the AV Club)