Leslie Knope Does The Best/Worst Impressions And Accents: A 'Parks & Rec' Supercut

In the clumsy, early first season days of Parks and Recreation when Leslie Knope did impressions it was essentially Amy Poehler’s impression of Michael Scott doing impressions. But as the show found its footing and Poehler made Leslie Knope her own, the bad impressions turned into Leslie’s bad impressions and became one of those quirky characteristics — like hoarding, having a rough dating history, and attending wizard camp — that make us love Leslie Knope.

Not sure how this video has produced under 10K views since May, or how it stayed under my radar, but boy am I glad it did because sh*t was happening in May and this sort of thing is ideal for August. Enjoy. And try not to spend the rest of the day in your knickers listening to the Beatles.

Just because…

YouTube via Buzzfeed