Let Gustavo Almodovar And His Glorious Name Burrow Into Your Brain Forever

Here is almost 40 seconds of former Orange County Eyewitness News reporter Gustavo Almodovar saying his name. Except for a brief intro and outro, that is literally all that happens. Just one man saying the name his parents gave him, over and over and over, with no fancy Autotuning or editing or graphics or anything. And it is FASCINATING.

My favorite part of the video is the little head turn he does on the first syllable of his last name. Every. Single. Time. Without fail. I imagine he stood in front of a mirror for hours one night working on it before he settled on that move. “Do I do it on the ‘Al,’ or when I go up absurdly high on the ‘DO’? Better do it on the ‘Al.’ Don’t wanna gild the lilly. Let’s try it. ‘Gust-AH-vo Al-[head turn]mo-DO-var, Channel 9 Action News.’ Yup. NAILED IT.”

The Daily What via Reddit