‘Let It GoT’ Is A ‘Game Of Thrones’/‘Frozen’ Song Of Ice And Fire (But Mostly Ice)

Senior Pop Culture Editor
04.18.14 16 Comments

We were all set to let it go, let it goooooooo, etc. with “Let It Go” parodies — we don’t want to let the crazy Frozen moms win — until Game of Thrones got involved. “Let It Go(T),” written by Gail Folsom, Dave Gonzales, and Joanna Robinson and performed by Folsom, is a clever mashup of the Disney film with HBO nudity, with inspired lines like, “He may seem shady but we still like Varys’ plan/And if we’re being honest, no one cares about Bran” and “HOOOODDDDOOOOORRRRR.”

“Jon Snow never bothered me anyway.” At least that makes one of us.

(Via Joanna Robinson)

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