Let’s Celebrate Charisma Carpenter’s Birthday With Some Of Cordelia Chase’s Finest Moments

Charisma Carpenter, the actress who portrayed Cordelia Chase, turns … Well, let’s just say she turns something-something today, because I turn something-something next month, and a true lady never reveals another lady’s age. Anyway, aside from being one of my favorite Whedonverse characters, Cordelia was also one of the Whedonverse’s longest-running characters. Carpenter spent three seasons on Buffy before being replaced by Anya — because Xander required being paired off with a no bullcrap lady to tell him how wrong/dumb he is all the time — before moving on to the spin-off Angel where she spent most of five seasons before getting the maternity leave shuffle into a coma and eventually death. (Which I won’t bitch about any further because I’ve already covered that, here.)

So to honor Carpenter on this most birthdayiest of birthdays, I’ve rounded up some of the best reasons why Cordelia Chase was great — mostly in gif form because that’s how the internet works these days. Enjoy.

She never sugarcoated anything:


Also, shame is overrated:

She understood the importance of a proper chain of communication:

Because making fun of goths never gets old:


She always could see the glass as half full, even when the world was ending:

She understood how important her time was:

And she didn’t take crap from anybody.

I mean, eat your heart out, Princess Leia:

Oh, and …

She was a feminist and didn’t even know it:


She always had the best insults:


She knew when it was time to stop being tiresome (OK, this one is a stretch):


Lastly, the woman knew how to peace out:


Cordelia Chase, you are my spirit animal.

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