Let’s Celebrate Mindy Kaling’s Birthday With 10 Reasons Why We Love Her

06.24.14 4 years ago 20 Comments
The Mindy Project - Season 2

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Mindy Kaling turns thirty-five today, and to celebrate, I’ve put together ten reasons why we love her. I’ve been a fan of Mindy Kaling since The Office and just got hooked on The Mindy Project this year — and every time I see her on a talk show or interview she makes me like her even more with her funny and charming yet no bullsh*t personality. Aside from that, she’s just an overall good role model, which is refreshing being that the biggest societal concerns of many young female celebrities today is whether or not they can show their nipples on social media.

With that, we salute you, Mindy Kaling. Happy birthday, girl!

Because she’s really smart:

Because she’s not afraid to treat herself:

bearclaw-1   bearclaw-2

bearclaw-3   bearclaw-4


Because she’s not afraid to sometimes look like a hot mess:

Because she knows how to drink wine like a muthaf*ckin’ lady:

wine-1   wine-2


Because she understands the importance of having staples in the home:



Because she’s probably a very good kisser:

kissing-1   kissing-2

kissing-3   kissing-4


Because she owns up to her farts:



Because she knows better than to indulge people in political debates:

Because she doesn’t have a problem with being single:



Because she came up with the best ever motivation to work out:

working-out-1   working-out-2

working-out-3   working-out-4

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