Let's Check In With The Local New-… Aaaaaaaand Somebody Made A Toilet Out Of Snow

“I figured I’d, you know, make a toilet.”

And with that, Kansas City art student Jeremy Bena was off. He sculpted, shaped, and piled the pure Midwestern snow for a total of eight hours to create his masterpiece, and, sure enough, there it is. A snow toilet. Right there in the yard.

You see, that’s the problem with this generation. They come up with a great idea — like, say, a toilet made out of snow — but they don’t have the sticktoitiveness to follow through. Everyone’s all “Work? No can do, boss. I’m too busy downloading Doritos on my Walkman and sending Billy Idol a picture of my privates.” But not Jeremy. No, Jeremy’s a throwback to the days when this country still built things, and a man’s word actually meant something. Back when someone would look you in the eye and say “I’m going to build a toilet out of snow,” and goddamn if there wasn’t a dang snow toilet out there the very next day. Not like today, when someone tells you they’ll make a snow toilet and then you find them a week later “chilling” at the mall and getting their tattoos pierced. Makes me sick.

So thank you, Jeremy. You woke up one morning and said “I looked outside and saw the crappy weather and figured it was kind of a pun,” and reaffirmed my faith in this great nation.

(Via KSHB)