Let’s Remember The Time Ben Wyatt Briefly Dated Dexter On ‘Six Feet Under’

The opening paragraph of an interview with Adam Scott published by the Metro earlier this week reminds us that the star of Parks and Recreation and Hot Tub Time Machine 2 (out in theaters today) got his start not in comedy, but in drama. Years before his breakout role in Step Brothers, Scott once scored a guest stint on HBO’s critically acclimated Six Feet Under. At the time, he had a few recurring guest roles under his belt on shows like Party of Five, Wasteland and of course, we can’t forget Boy Meets World, but for the most part, he was still largely an unknown actor.

I was vaguely aware that Adam Scott had been on Six Feet Under, but for some reason, who exactly Adam Scott’s character was never occurred to me until yesterday. I guess I just assumed he was one of Claire’s crappy college friends? Oh no, my friends, he was not. Remember at the end of Season 1, when Keith dumps David for not coming out of the closet? Then Keith is already dating someone by the time David does come out of the closet in Season 2, so he starts dating a dorky lawyer to get his mind off Keith? ADAM SCOTT WAS THAT DORKY LAWYER. And his character’s name was even Ben! Mind. Blown.

Sadly, things didn’t work out between David Fisher and Ben Cooper, and David ended up breaking Ben’s poor, sensitive heart by admitting that he was still in love with Keith, who he eventually married. Damn. Now I want to go back and rewatch Six Feet Under because who even knows what other well known actors are hiding in there.

To help jog your memory, here’s all of Adam Scott’s scenes in Six Feet Under conveniently edited together: