Let’s Speculate Wildly Over A Major ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Character Death Based On A Kurt Sutter Tweet

Sons of Anarchy is finally set to return on September 11th, and since it comes on a Tuesday, it won’t conflict with your Breaking Bad viewing schedule. I’m stoked because it means the end of this never ending summer television season and because one out of every four Sons of Anarchy episodes is great enough to overlook the other three.

With the season entering its second to last, there are also characters that Kurt Sutter still needs to dispose of before the home stretch. Last year saw one major exit, but as usual, Kurt Sutter has managed to keep Ron Perlman’s Clay Morrow around, though he was driven into a corner two seasons ago, and now Sutter is just ramming his head against that corner wall. Clay and Tara, we understand, will start the season in prison, and from what we’ve heard from Kurt Sutter, the premiere episode will be uber violent. I suppose he’s trying to up the stakes on last year’s premiere, when Tig’s daughter was BURNED ALIVE. How you top that, I almost don’t want to knwo.

Anyway, Kurt Sutter — fanning the flames — tweeted this today in his never ending efforts to f*** with us.


Could it mean that someone even more major than Opie will be killed? Will Gemma die? Will Clay get ganked in prison? Will Clay somehow get his revenge on Juice? If they kill off Tara, it really will set up one of the major themes Sutter teased for this year: Jax being torn apart by his relationship between SAMCRO and his family. Or maybe it’s Unser, who hasn’t served much purpose of late. Can’t be Chibbs. He’s the new VP. Bobby is the only moral person left on the show, so it can’t be him, either. Or maybe, just maybe Kurt Sutter think that the Twitterer just needs a week off from work.

I dunno. All I know is, it better not be Chucky. If it’s Chucky, we riot.

(via Reddit)