Let's Start Laughing And/Or Complaining About The Obama Masks On 'True Blood'

Senior Pop Culture Editor
07.10.12 27 Comments

I haven’t finished watching the most recent episode of True Blood yet because I have to take extensive notes to even follow along, and my pen ran out of ink and Jessica wasn’t on-screen and I stopped caring. (Seriously, Terry’s arc this season is the WORST.) But I might have to tune back in to get fake irrationally mad about this:

On the episode, a truck full of gun-toting thugs in Obama masks pulled up firing at characters Sam Merlotte, Luna Garza and her daughter Emma. “True Blood’s production team purchased several Obama masks from us earlier this year, and we’ve been waiting in suspense for them to appear,” mask provider Costume Craze wrote today on its blog about the “pretty scary scene.” (Via)

First George Bush’s head was on a pike on Game of Thrones, and now THIS. I’d be outraged if I didn’t find it so amusing. Plus, I like to think that it’s HBO’s goal to include every U.S. president — minus William Henry Harrison because hahahahaha — in their shows. I’ve heard that if you look close enough, you can see Benjamin Harrison’s face shaved into the pubic hair of a prostitute on Entourage.

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