Let’s Talk Tuesday’s Geeky TV: ‘The Flash’ And ‘Agents Of SHIELD’ Wrap For Fall

Ready for some rogues? The Flash has been building up to a villain team from the very beginning; it’s just not the Flash without some Rogue action. And tonight, fans get the episode they’ve been clamoring for as the Trickster, Captain Cold, and the Weather Wizard all team up to get Barry Allen.

Really, the fact that this features two of the show’s best villains, with Mark Hamill in full manic Joker mode and Wentworth Miller’s deadpan sarcasm, is just icing on the cake. Although we really hope this episode features Barry finally, finally telling Patty his secret. Come on, Barry. It is past time. That’s at 8 p.m. on the CW.

Meanwhile! On an alien hellhole!

Last week’s episode of Agents of SHIELD was largely Ward and Coulson going head-to-head, before it brilliantly tied together all the seemingly disparate threads of the first half of the season into one plot; namely, Ward and a bunch of HYDRA redshirts going onto the alien rock Simmons narrowly escaped from to find an ancient, evil Inhuman. And also probably Simmons’ hunky astronaut boyfriend.

Coulson managed to pull off a badass sneak, skydiving through an otherworldly portal, but he, Fitz, and Ward have other problems. Namely, they’re trapped on a planet with an evil supervillain who wants to drive them insane. Surely that will end well, with Coulson out to murder Ward, Ward out to murder Coulson, and Ward mistakenly assuming Fitz is still a wuss who names his drones after Disney characters. Our money is on Fitz screwing over Ward, hard, but we’ll find out tonight at 9 p.m. on ABC. Join us, won’t you?