‘Let’s Throw Cum! Let’s Throw Cum!’ The 10 Best Lines From This Week’s ‘Veep’

Did it look like Dan and the Vice President were about to hook up at the end of the episode of Veep? It’s good to know, at least, that in their tolerance for disgust, even politicians seem to draw the line somewhere, and that appears to be with killing dogs. Jesus, Dan. Talk about an awkward conversation, and Dan’s natural ability for c*ckblocking himself. I have a sneaking suspicion that his dog-killing revelation will also end up costing him the newly awarded promotion to campaign manager. It really should belong to Amy, anyway.

Meanwhile, Kent’s obsession with Sue continues to be a solid source of humor. I don’t know, however, how long I can take the poor suffering of Gary, the bagman with the busted shoulder, though it was nice to see him get drunk and break out of character a little. I am sad about the demise or Ryantology, though I do hope they find a way to keep Jonah more involved in the series than he was this week. It’s hard to do a ten best lines list when Jonah’s screentime is limited.

Finally, to those who see foreshadowing everywhere, there was nothing more prescient than Selina catching that fish and reeling it in, only to lose it at the last second. If Veep continues for another two or three seasons, expect Selina Meyer to be sitting in the Vice President’s seat next to a different President.

Here were the best lines of the week, and though the first one is a long one, it perfectly captured the hilarious cynicism of the series.

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