Watch The Voice Acting Behind The ‘Archer’ Season 5 Premiere Character Death, With Bonus H. Jon Benjamin

“He died doing what he loved: Getting shot.” Sterling Archer put it best in the Archer Season 5 premiere, spontaneously eulogizing everyone’s favorite human bullet attractor, Brett Buckley Bunsen. The death of an ISIS cubicle drone prone to an in-office gunshot wound was quite an apropos part of the transition to “Archer Vice,” but I failed to mention in our discussion yesterday that we also need to pour a little out to the voice acting work of friend of the program and Archer Art Director, Neal Holman. As our pal Matt Thompson mentioned when sending over…

Brett the bullet magnet is played, sorry, was played by our Art Director Neal Holman. He loved having a character in the show and for four seasons lived in fear that his character would die. Every time Brett was in an episode, he was shot and there would be blood everywhere. It was never clear that he lived, so when he would show up in a subsequent episode Neal was always relieved. But when he read the 501 script, he knew it was finally over.

So it is with great pleasure I share video footage of Neal’s final trip to the voice recording booth, complete with farewell voiceover from H. Jon Benjamin to really bring the whole thing home.

Thanks to Matt, Neal, and the Floyd County gang for sending our way.